Argumentative Essay: Freedom In The United States Today

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Anyone in the world with an occasional source of internet has no choice but to see the seemingly outrageous news stories, posted weekly on events in the US. American’s have made their distrust in the government more than obvious, which in many cases, the government has provoked. The largest debate in the states today is the with the concept of freedom and where the lines are drawn between social security, equality, and one’s rights. Freedom is and always has been heavily emphasized in the development of the 50 states. It’s brought peace and war both figuratively and literally. At a moment when America should be more equal and free than ever, why do so many citizens feel their freedom is being threatened? Freedom of speech is a …show more content…

The power of social media retaliation and judgement has become astonishing. In reality, I could intentionally post specific opinions that could land me on no-fly list and cause quite a large uproar from antagonists in a matter of hours. Alter makes an agreeable point by saying we all have the right to disagree with each other, but not dismantle their personage. Being publicly proven wrong and having the chance to defend yourself, or reflect and apologize is all that should be preferred. Americans are fortunate to live in a country of free speech; however, it has created a society that nearly inhibits itself from the right which is exactly not what America stands for. Our own country is basically threatening ourselves from the freedom of speech and should encourage everyone to express themselves without punishment. This is not necessarily an issue that can be resolved, but it needs to be made publicized and be made aware of. Too much of society are triggered by a simple few words they may come across when scrolling a timeline. Social media is an influential and high powered tool that’s forced a new lifestyle. We must make ourselves and others comfortable with expressing themselves while handling criticism to ensure protection of our freedom of

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