Essay On Importance Of Water In The Philippines

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The Philippines is home to many natural lakes which are closely related to volcanic and tectonic activity as well as artificial lakes or reservoirs that have resulted from the damming of rivers for hydroelectric activity. It is one of the diverse countries in the world in terms of varied and wide array of flora and fauna which are endemic and archipelagic landscapes and seascapes. Aside from their recreational and aesthetic qualities, many lakes are important habitats for marine life and food sources. Other lakes play a part in water-supply, hydro-electric power or flood control. Lake Mainit is geographically located near the extreme northern tip of Mindanao Island. Its name is derived from Mainit River that traverses the - 3 - lake and has…show more content…
Theconsequent decline of the quality of living of the people indicated the weakening of the ecosystem services such as the occurrence of landslides, soil erosion, siltation, climate change, floods and many others, have threatened lives and properties which emanated from the loss of biodiversity. Indeed, the relationship between the forest habitats and biodiversity is directly proportional and interrelated to the ecosystem…show more content…
This study asses the composition and distribution of bats and its association to its habitat. The result of this study can be utilize and serve as a baseline in the implementation of the protection and conservation of the area. This study also provide awareness to the Local Government Unit (LGU), other agencies and concerned individuals on its current conservation status and create a more diverse and healthy

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