Essay On Effect Of Language

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It is crystal clear that everything that lies under one’s biology/ psychology/culture has a certain extent of effect on one’s life. Our lives are directed by direct and indirect guides. Whether they are voluntary or not, conscious or not, they have an effect on us. An example of those would be the fact that one’s culture might affect the way they think. It is sure that the degree of effect is remarkable. Therefore, when we talk about these effects we should be aware of what they include. In this paper I will try to show the effect of language on the way we think and perceive our environment. A much known scholar, I name: Lera Boroditsky, has done research and proved that language shapes thought. The languages one speaks have a significant…show more content…
Mold hypotheses, such as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, underestimate that language is a mold regarding which classifications of thought are thrown though shroud hypotheses received by the great universalism assume that dialect is a shroud or the dress of thought gathering the requirements of the standard thought classes of its speakers, in particular the same thought can be expressed in different ways. Universalists talk about that one can say whatever one wishes to say in any languages, and that whatever one expresses in one dialect can simply be interpreted into an alternate. Chandler (1994) likewise contends that, also, there P. Birjandi, S. Sabah - A Review of the Language-Thought Debate: Multivariant Perspectives 57 exists a related perspective held by, say, Behaviorists, to notice among others, on the premise of which dialect and thought are esteemed as indistinguishable. In line with this stance, intuition is respected to be completely and altogether phonetic; that is to say, there is no non-verbal thought, and no interpretation from thought to dialect happens. Putting it this way, thought is seen as completely controlled by
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