Essay On The Nanking Massacre

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There has almost always been conflict between China and Japan and since the early 20th century conflictss between these two countries had been escalating. And in the eyes of Japan, China was the perfect place for their idea of expansion. In 1931 the Japanese invaded Manuchuria in northeast China and establish Manchukuo, a Japanese state. The League of Nations doesn’t acknowledge this as a legitimate state and wants the Japanese troops to leave, but instead they leave the League of Nations. Japan soon expands and gains control of much of northern China.
In 1937 a large invasion of China takes place and the Japanese army attacks and captures Shanghai on November 12. As word spread the Chinese withdrew much of their elite troops from the capital city of Nanking, leaving only untrained soliders. There was never an official evacuation of the city but much of the population fled on their own.
In response to the news a group of 22 Americans and Europeans, including surgeons, a nazi bussinessman, a German Olympic wrestler, and an American missionary, form the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone. They create a neutral zone, about the size of Central Park, in attempts to
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One of the main similarities between the two is the reason that such horrific events were carried out, and that is because of racist notions and the attempt to eradicate a race. Hitler believed that the Jews, along with many other groups including gays and gypsys, were inferior to the Aryan race, and this is exactly how the Japanese felt about the Chinese. When carrying out the mass murders both the Nazis and Japanese soliders used relocation of the victims. However, the Nazis moved their victims to concertration and/or death camps while the Japanese would move them to the outskirts of the city and perform mass
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