Essay On Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglas And Harriet Jacobs

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The topic of slavery is a topic that is well known and is almost ingrained in the students and adults of the United States. However, the basic knowledge and repetition of the rights and wrongs of slavery becomes almost calloused information, that is in the past. It is not until you truly see the effect of slavery in the lives of those who were most affected by it when you really see the significance and gravity of the situation. In the lives of both Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs you can see dynamics of a slave system, and recognize how these dynamics impacted them, and how people treated them.
Frederick Douglas was a male american slave who wrote the autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Frederick starts his novel stating “You remember the old fable of “The Man and the Lion,” where the lion complained that he should not be so misrepresented “when the Lions wrote the History””. This quote shows the true dynamic of how slaves had no defense and it was a long time before the Lions ever got a …show more content…

Through stories such as that of Frederick Douglass, and that of Harriet Jacobs you can truly see how despicable the act of slavery was. These true nonfictional stories show the true dynamic of how male and female slaves were treated. Slaves were physically and mentally degraded, without shelter and clothes. Working both day and night, with their masters never being pleased. These people were dehumanized and taken advantage of, with no respect to the fact that they were human beings. These people were sold with contracts as if they were for sale.It is incomprehensible how people could treat one another with such disrespect, and be content in such a blindness to the actions they were facing. This is a true reminder of a time in history where societal norm created a dark blindness over the people, causing great sin to be

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