Essay On Patient Rights

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Being formed in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights helps recognize “the inherent dignity” and the “equal and unalienable rights of all members of the human family”. Based on this very concept of the person, and the fundamental dignity and equality of all human beings, that the notion of patient rights was developed. Patient rights involve those basic rules of conduct between patients and medical caregivers as well as the institutions and people that support them. A patient is anyone who has requested to be evaluated by or who is being evaluated by any healthcare professional. Healthcare professionals mostly adopt patient rights, covering such matters as access to care, patient dignity, confidentiality, and consent to treatment. …show more content…

Information should be conveyed to them in a way that they're able to understand. They also have the right to a written summary of any information that is provided to them. In general they're entitled to have access to or copies of your medical records. However, there may be exceptional circumstances in which a doctor is entitled to refuse access to the patient. If this is the case, they must be told of the reason for the refusal. Patients have a right to complain about the doctor's refusal to the Management. Provision of Treatment requires patient’s choice and informed consent. Even if a patient has signed a general consent clause, the patient can still refuse medical treatment or procedures. However, in exceptional or emergency situations a doctor may be legally justified in performing surgery or providing treatment without the patient's consent. The patient should be competent and capable of making such a decision to give a consent. People under the age of 16 are not entitled to consent to medical treatment. However, exceptions may be made if hospital staffs are satisfied that patients are mature enough to make the decision for themselves. A hospital must not refuse to give you emergency treatment, unless the appropriate medical facilities or personnel aren't

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