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Plaszow Concentration Camp The importance of writing about a concentration camp is so there will never be another one in the world again. The main topics are what Plaszow consisted of, if Plaszow was a death camp and the jobs that prisoners were forced to do in the camp. The Plaszow concentration camp consisted of many buildings and areas that the prisoners used. The building site of the camp included two cemeteries, one from the community of Podgorze and the second one from the Jewish community of Krakow. The camp was originally planned to house 2,000-4,000 prisoners that were mostly from the ghetto in Krakow, but there ended up to be about 25,000 prisoners housed. Plaszow was divided into various different sections that were surrounded by two rows of an electrified barbed-wire fence. Guards patrolled in between the two barbed-wire fences. The different sections of the camp included: living quarters for men and a seperate one for women, industrial, storage sections, living quarters for the quarters for the guards, the camp’s headquarters and the sanitary buildings. There were several men and women living quarters throughout Plaszow which were located further to the South of the camp. These buildings were placed around a wide…show more content…
Close to Amon Goeth's villa, who was the camp commandant, was where female Polish and Jewish prisoners pulled carts filled with rocks uphill by rope. 35 women were harnessed to each side of the cart, but they were only allowed 55 minutes for each trip and they were to make 12 trips in the 12 hour workday that they had. Other jobs that the prisoners had to do were in the industrial part of the camp. These included workshops such as: car repair, carpentry, a print shop, upholstery, locksmiths, electrical, furrier, tailoring, papermaking, and upholstery. A large percentage of the inmates in the camp were made to work the quarry, and it was also made to be used for

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