Essay On Students Should Be Able To Evaluate Their Teachers

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As a student you are assessed everyday based off of almost anything; involving class participation and behavior to turning in assignments and taking exams. However, teachers don’t usually receive feedback or get assessed by their own students. It’s common for a student to be inclined to be the one to grade their teachers but, some students haven't been given the opportunity to. Students should be able to grade or assess their teachers because it provides incentive for the teacher, assists teachers to improve in areas where they could be lacking, and provides a proper evaluation of their teacher. Allowing students to evaluate their teachers, will give teachers an incentive to improve on their teaching skills. If teachers know that they are going to be evaluated by their students, they will begin to work twice as hard due to the incentives given to them. For example, a teacher who is lazy and enthusiastic about their job will come to the realization that if they don’t step up their game, they can be terminated and replaced. Essentially, this will lead to students receiving a higher quality of education. As a result, …show more content…

Sometimes students may realize that their teacher is lacking in certain areas of their teaching and the student may feel like the teacher isn’t explaining the material to their full potential. That is when being able to evaluate your teacher becomes beneficial. If the teacher chooses to take the negative feedback or criticism and turn it into constructive criticism, it will be benefiting everyone. An understanding teacher would value the students input and use it to their benefit to help improve themselves and their their learning process. Not only will the teachers improve on their performance but it will also reflect on the

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