What Was The Significance Of The Birmingham Church Bombing Of 1960

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“There is an amazing democracy about death. It is not aristocracy for some of the people, but a democracy for all of the people. Kings die and beggars die; rich men and poor men die; old people die and young people die. Death comes to the innocent and it comes to the guilty. Death is the irreducible common denominator of all men.” Martin Luther King Jr. This was taken from a eulogy about those who died as a result from the 1963 Birmingham Church bombings. The civil rights movement in 1963 was just blossoming and national awareness of the injustice in the south was not stellar. The bombings helped to bring awareness of the racial injustice in the south. The Church Bombings can be summed up into three main events, the background of the bombing, the events of the bombing itself and the significance it had towards the civil rights cause. The Church itself was the 16th Street Baptist Church and was designed by the State of Alabama 's only black Architect and was finished in 1911. The church was a large part of a heavily segregated in arguably one of the most racist towns in America. Birmingham had no colored Police officers of Firefighters and very few blacks could vote. The Church was very significant. The Church, besides having mass meetings of the local black community and holding various events was also a Rally point for the Civil Rights …show more content…

The Birmingham Church Bombings were very instrumental in bringing national awareness and outrage towards the racial injustice in the south. I think that history repeats itself and with what is going on in the middle east currently and that Muslims and Syrian Refugees may be subjected to the racism that the blacks were subjected to years ago. Either that or the world commits all out genocide on extremist groups much like the Nazi’s did to the

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