Essay On Tokenism

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Diversity is taken for granted in many places, such as Skokie, because people who are exposed to diversity early on in their lives do not know that it’s rare to have that diversity. They are accustomed to seeing other races and ethnicities besides their own. People are not always exposed to diversity at all or are used to having token people exposed to them being seen on tv or in movies. Tokenism is a big part of American culture and people have the token Black person, the token Hispanic person, or in extremely rare cases the token white person. Tokenism is a false diversity that allows the audience to believe that it is diverse when in actuality it is not. In House MD the majority of the main characters are white males with the exception of the few white females and the one African American who is called a thug repeatedly by House throughout the series. As the series progresses he is in fewer scenes in each episode which mirrors other television shows too.
Currently 3 out of 4 Black men are expected to serve time in prison during their lives, while 1 out of 9 white men are expected to serve time in prison. The expectation of The public schools in the United States …show more content…

and while race issues are still prevalent they have become better. Segregation is no longer widespread and common and while it can still happen it is usually unintentional. Criminal justice is the “new” way to target the minority races and segregate them from the white. Blacks are sentenced to 10% longer sentences than their white counterparts based on the same crime. 12.6% of the U.S. population is African American, but in prison they make up 37.1% of the inmate population. That disparity is because of the differences of ruling the court makes depending on the race of the defendant. Of the total number of people falsely accused and then cleared by DNA 63% of the people falsely accused are African

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