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INTRODUCTION. Law is the body of rules and regulations. A tort law is that a person harmed by others with an unreasonable action. Some law of tort are actionables, just like you can claim in the court without regards whether it is tortfeasor intended. There are many types of law of Tort. The types of law of Tort that we see is negligence. Negligence means that the acts make people to injury are not expected and not intended. There are many elements of negligence which are: defendant has a duty to the plaintiff, defendant breached to the duty, the breached proximately caused and plaintiff damages. The second type of law of tort is intentional torts. It is a purpose of the acts committed by a person towards another person that result can bring some damage. There are different types of the intentional tort which are: slander and libel, slander of title, intentional interference with contractual relations and fraud. Lastly, the last type of law of tort is strict liability. For civil law, liability generates damages in life, without having to prove that the defendant was negligent. For the criminal law, liability tax legislation without the need to prove the criminal purpose. WHAT IS NEGLIGENCE 1. General negligence. According to Mr. Pram 's notes, negligence is the breach of a legal obligation to care that results in unwanted harm by the defendant before the plaintiff. 2. Professional negligence According to Mr. Pram 's notes, professional negligence can only be incurred when there…show more content…
At the time, the plaintiff, who was matured 17, endured intense individual wounds when playing hooker in a colts rugby coordinate, when a serum fallen, and his neck was broken. He guaranteed harms against the main respondent, an individual from the restricting group, and against the second litigant, the official. The claim against the primary litigant was rejected, and there was no interest against that

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