Definition Of Law Essay

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DEFINITION OF LAW: Law is outlined as the principles and regulations set by the governing authority, and have binding legal forces. It must be endorsed and obeyed by the citizens, subject to penalties or legal consequences. It depicts the will of the supreme power of the state. The basic purpose of law is to regulate the society, to safeguard and shield the rights of people and to resolve conflicts. It acts as barrier is preventing people from behaving in a negative manner that affects the rights and quality of life other people, hence violation of law implies the punishment of lawbreakers Dysfunction of Law: Dysfunction of law means failed to abide by the law. When law fails to perform its function properly and in accordance with principles defined; dysfunction of law occurs. For instance, if a powerful in the society is convicted by …show more content…

Material Sources: Material sources of law includes: • Historical Sources: Suppose no statutes exist, then court refers to common law or case law. The principles or set of rules framed traditionally in an unauthorized or in an unofficial way, but are adopted and endorsed as rules, and decisions are made on them as well. Such sources are outlined as COMMON LAW OF EQUITY. The essential characteristic of common law is that it ascends as precedent. When the parties have disagreement on the law, then court looks for previous rulings and precedents on it. Precedents have a great importance in court’s decision. • Legal Sources: They are known as the instrument through which legal rules, law or principles are established: Legislature: Legislature is an essential part of state established by the parliament consisting of elected officials. Members of parliament present the bill which after thorough discussion approve or reject it. If the bill is approved from parliament, then senates looks through it and approve it with consultation, and it becomes an act. All the acts passed by governing authority can be challenged through judicial

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