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Wes Anderson is a very well-known and established director in his field. Over the years, Anderson has developed a unique style of film and a basic formula for how each film will look in the end. The film The Grand Budapest Hotel showcases a lot of Anderson quirks from the vibrant colors to the tiny miniatures that he used to show the landscape. The Grand Budapest Hotel is uniquely Wes Andersons and really showcases his style. The film the Grand Budapest Hotel is a recount of the life of a boy named Zero and how he comes to own the Grand Budapest Hotel. The film starts off as Zero being a young lobby boy who is shown the ropes by Gustave, the concierge of the hotel. Gustave is known to romance the older guests of the hotel and because of this …show more content…

Wes Anderson usually has the same Robert Yeoman and their styles mashed together can be seen throughout this film. Yeoman likes use the same shots and camera movements repeated in Andersons films. The first is the symmetrical item and actor placement that I had already discussed in the previous paragraph. The pan movement is used thought the film. The camera will often be focused on one person then swiftly pan over to another area or character to show different perspectives of the room. For example, Gustave will be deep in thought having a mini monologue first then he will shout a name of another hotel worker. The camera will pan to show the next person on the other side of the room working. The zoom shot is used often in Wes Anderson films as well. The zoom is used in two ways throughout this film. The zoom in is used to show where different characters are in the universe. The shot will start out with just the full hotel shot, then zoom into one of the windows to show what is happening in a specific room. The next way Anderson and Yeoman use the zoom shot in this film is to have a up close shot of a character then zoom out to show more of what is going on in the world. For instance, a character will be talking to another person that is in a car, then the camera will zoom out to show the car driving away leaving the other character behind. The last shot that Wes Anderson uses is the

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