Essay On White Women Stereotypes

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We have all been lied too once before, but has this lie ever affected your ability to function on a day to day basis? Most people would look at this question and think, why would it do that? Well a lie or by another name a stereotype, has affected many people’s lives in how they are seen, treated and even the opportunities that are available to them. Have you ever heard the stereotype that all black women with children are on welfare? Well this stereotype like all others is a blatant lie, the true difference between white women and black women in a similar situations is only about one percent, so the two are not so far off. In America these lies are told everyday about every race and/or religion, that it has become one the largest growing social concerns, knowing how large it has become, we have to put an end to it.
This problem of racism and these stereotypes do not only affect our life as a whole but our lives in a day to day commute. According to Washington Post, “A black driver is thirty-one percent more likely to get pulled over …show more content…

From the years of two thousand nine to two thousand fifteen, the main stories were of white men being a cop or not killing black men. There are countless stories of this type of situation in which the media has taken above and beyond to make it look like it were racial crimes, when in fact it never was. In the bill of rights, the people of America have the freedom of press making it hard to provide a solution for this type of problem. To solve this problem without breaking the constitution, the only way is to boycott all media outlets such as the news and their articles. Our society must boycott, until the media stops spreading these untrue basis ideas, conveying the people minds to learn hate and racism and let them at the very worst think it themselves without any input from the outside

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