What Are Ethel Merman's Major Accomplishments

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Ethel Merman who was born in 1908 as (Ethel Agnes Zimmerman) was an american actress and singer from Astoria , New York . Though Ethel was not trained in music many said she could“ belt out a song like no one else ” , many songwriters still sought out Ethel’s music knowing she was untrained such as Irving Berlin and Cole Porter who was known as major songwriters of the early 1900’s . Ethel is remembered for her great appearances in many great musicals . She started her career by singing at private parties and nightclubs . She was hired as a torch singer at Les Ambassadeurs and from there she began to gain publicity . She had a surgery on her tonsils a little while after she got the job , and was afraid it would mess up her voice , but luckily her voice was better than ever . Not long after she was offered to take Ruthe Etting’s part in a …show more content…

Smith , whom is Teacher’s assistant , William Smith . She didn’t realize till her wedding that she Levitt shortly after and married him and later had two children with him , then they later divorced because he was a alcoholic . She did three musicals while carrying her second child and then went into the hospital recovering from the caesarean birth . While in the hospital she was visited by Dorothy Fields and was asked to star as Annie Oakley in a musical Fields brother was writing , Merman accepted , but in late November Field’s brother died , Irving Berlin was hired to take his place and that’s where the show Annie Get Your Gun came from . Annie Get Your Gun opened on May 16 , 1946 and ran for approximately 1,147 in three years . In this time Ethel only took two vacations due to different illnesses . Merman and Berlin later met for Call Me Madam , where she won the Tony award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical . She also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy . Ethel returned to Colorado dreadfully to be a housewife to her third husband

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