Harriet Tubman Contribution

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“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say — I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger,” Harriet tubman once said at a suffrage convention. Harriet tubman, when traveling never went off course and she never lost anyone traveling with her. Harriet was a Conductor of the Underground Railroad and she has many more accomplishes too. Harriet Tubman experienced the harshness of slavery in her early life which led her to guide many slaves to freedom in the North through the Underground Railroad and inspired many people as well, with the risk of being caught and killed. Harriet Tubman’s early life and childhood was full of hatred, beatings, and dealing with slavery...…show more content…
Harriet Tubman was not really influenced by an individual, instead she was provoked into action because of the environment in which she lived. Harriet was also influenced by her religion”God” (Ellis). In 1849 Harriet thought as though the lord had spoke to her urging her to escape to the north (Ellis). The lack of freedom, and cruelty drove Harriet into rebelling and risking her life to save others from what she had to go through. In December of 1850, Harriet’s cousin was being sold (“Harriet Tubman makes her first trip to escort slaves to freedom”).Therefore, she went back to Maryland to save her and this was her first mission to guide someone to freedom (“Harriet Tubman makes her first trip to escort slaves to freedom”). “Now, as you know, getting back and forth with a gigantic bounty on your head isn't easy” (“Obstacles”). “She dealt with her narcolepsy and trying to stay away slave patrols (paddy rollers) and slave catchers” (“Obstacles”). Harriet’s husband also cheated on her which left her heart broken but it only made her stronger (“Obstacles”). Though she had obstacles to overcome Harriet was still one of the best conductors of the Underground
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