Ethical And Unethical Behavior

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Do you know what an ethical and unethical behavior is?
Ethical means everything that is related to the moral behavior of the human being and his posture in the social environment. Ethical is the adjective and ethics is the noun. Ethics studies the moral principles that guide humans’ conduct. Ethics has a lot to do with the individual’s choice, that choice can affect others in a good or bad way; we can also say that ethics is like a superior who will evaluate the choice made by the person. This usually happens when an ethical dilemma arises or when it is necessary to make a hard, unpleasant choice or decision that implies a moral principle. The way of acting in society determines the behavior of the individual as ethical or unethical. A person
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The term 'business ethics' came into common use in the United States in the early 1970s. There are times that a superior will put employees to hold the fort to see if they measure up to the company’s expectations and if they will proceed accordingly with the ethics code of the company. It is important that person sees this as a golden opportunity; she needs to show dedication, respect and manage the tasks not just ethically but successfully. Companies that are ethically responsible are always willing to do the right things in many areas: The environment, Employment, community, safety, and health. When we refer the environment in business we must think about how humanity can create businesses that will impact the world, without hurting the environment. In the employment area companies usually need to pay close attention to important points and situations that may affect people and not just their collaborators or the areas where the company and its headquarters are located. The responsibility with community, safety, health includes the support for social initiatives through support and projects that encourage cultural education, sport and citizenship and preservation of the environment that builds the lasting relationship with the contribution to the economic and…show more content…
Companies should always come up with new ideas; to stimulate ethical procedures and reinforce the ethics in the work environment.We cannot forget that ethics can be connected to Transparency; and companies that have transparency and Ethical corporate behavior transmit the idea that they are aware and completely responsible for what they do, and employees and clients have the right to get an explanation of their actions or decisions made. Why do you think there are many companies that employees are willing to wear many hats and do nothing by halves? Because they are treated with respect and transparency is part of their work routine with their superiors. When a company has transparency it means it is not trying to hide anything and it is able to explain its behavior without a problem to others. The level of probity and integrity needs to increase inside a company, to stimulate its employees to do what is morally right and avoid misconduct. Entrepreneurs have to keep in mind that, costumers have more respect and credibility in companies that have transparency and ethical corporate behavior. Having codes of ethics and codes of conduct in a company; is also a good way to reinforce how everyone should behave and this can help
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