Ethical Issues In Residential Homes

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The layout of this specific residential facility has multiple wings or hallways which depend on the amount of care the residents need. For example, if the resident has a severe case of dementia or Alzheimer’s, they are put into a separate wing from the other residents. This is for safety measures. Each room holds two people, unless the resident wants to be alone, and every room has a single restroom. Each room is unique since the residents are allowed to put up their own pictures, drawings and even posters they want to hang. As long as the facility and the resident’s roommate are fine with the pictures. Although each bed is a generic residential bed, many of the beds are different, for the residents are allowed to have an extra cover sheet…show more content…
All nurses and workers at this facility are taught to be mandated reporters. In other words, if any type of abuse is present it will be reported as soon as possible. However, that does not mean that all CNAs or nurses treat the residents the same way. Some of the certified nursing assistants[CNA]s at our facility were clearly in the wrong field of work, for some did not truly care for the residents. Some CNAs do not give residents enough time in the mornings or throughout their day to make their own decisions, but many times you cannot blame the CNAs. All CNAs have a set number of residents to take care of in a short amount of time. Because CNAs are on a strict schedule, they are many times forced to speed through their day trying to get all of their residents ready. Consequently, the residents do not get as much decision making as they should. One CNA, which I must mention was fired due to their daily attitude, took a resident from the cafeteria to their room when the resident was not ready to leave. The resident had stated that she did not want to go to her room and wanted to look out the window, but the CNA had ignored the request. This action was denying the right of that resident, but happened because there are not enough people to take care of the residents. I propose that the medical laws that govern nursing homes require them to have more CNAs or nurses ready to help the residents, so that they can live without being rushed through their
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