Themes In Homer's Odyssey

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In Homer’s epic The Odyssey, there is a vast variety of themes within the story that help enhance all of the characters’ moral and ethical composition. These themes vary all the way from their incredible perseverance and loyalty towards their beliefs and goals to their love and hospitality for others. Odysseus, the protagonist of this epic, is a very complex man, however, this allows him to carry with him and encompass many of the themes seen in the story. He had great perseverance throughout his whole journey, and even when he was tempted so many times he even started questioning his own loyalty, he never gave up on going back home. Although, it is not only Odysseus that assimilates these ideas but also others in his family, such as Penelope…show more content…
Not only have 20 years passed ever since they saw each other, but also ever since they have been able to talk, hug and interact among themselves. And even so, the love that they have is still alive. We can mainly see the love between Odysseus and Penelope through how no matter what, or how much time has passed, they never forget each other. Although Odysseus has been attracted to other women throughout his epic, he always comes to remember the faithful wife that is waiting for him in Ithaca. This love between them helped them both go through many hardships. It helped Odysseus whenever he faced trouble and it helped Penelope keep the hope that Odysseus will one day come back to her. Another kind of love that can be seen in Odysseus family is within his father-to-son relationship with Telemachus. Although they never really had a chance to get to know each other, they still constantly worried about each other’s well being. Odysseus worried about how Telemachus's future was in danger due to the suitors, however, for Telemachus it was more than that. Telemachus went as far as to leave Ithaca to find out who his father was and if he is still alive. The relationship Odysseus’s family has and the love it carries gave them all more strength to keep going and manage to keep persevering until the very
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