Ethos, And Logos In Patrick Henry's Speech

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In the speech of the Virginia convention the writer Patrick Henry known as the orator of Liberty. He wrote in all ways in this story, ethos, pathos, and logos. He wrote on going to war with Britain, because his fellow country people were eventually going to be taken over if they did not stand up and go to war with Britain. They would eventually become slaves for Britain, so Patrick Henry was trying to convince the people to stand up with their country to beat Britain. My story will be written on the ways Patrick Henry used ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade the people to go to war. The topic of this paragraph will be how Mr. Patrick Henry used pathos in his speech. He said in the speech “I consider it as nothing less than a question of …show more content…

Patrick uses ethos in the speech when he says “fulfill the great responsibility witch we hold to god and our country.” He says this meaning we should fulfill our responsibility to our great country .” then he also uses ethos when he says “majesty of heaven witch I respect over all earthly things” this means we should respect god more than anything and everything on earth or anywhere. That is how Patrick used ethos in this speech. Now in the next paragraph I will show you how Patrick uses logos. In this paragraph I will show you how he uses logos in the speech. He states that “ I have but one lamp by witch my feet are guided” what he means by that is everything is gonna be resolved , look at the past I only look forward to the future. And then he uses logos when he says “that Britain is gonna use the military on them because of all the extra troops around” that means why do they have all the extra troops around if there not gonna use them on us. And that is how Patrick Henry uses logos in the speech. Well that is 6 ways that Patrick Henry uses ethos, pathos, and logos. In the speech of the Virginia convention. He uses them many more times but them are the best ways of logos pathos and ethos. They need to stand up for there country and fight for their country and fight for freedom. So that is why I think he was effective and now he uses ethos, pathos, logos, in the speech of the Virginia

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