Should Euthanasia Be Allowed Essay

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Euthanasia is a topic that is often controversial because of the morality, ethics, and religion. The biggest and simplest reason why people are against Euthanasia is because it’s taking away a human life with the assistance of a physician or doctor. Because of that belief, it should not be acceptable. Other times, the beneficial aspects of it could be good reasons why Euthanasia should be allowed. This goes against many religions and their righteous beliefs. Which is understandable, in most cases. While others, have a reason to exercise their rights and it gives them the freedom to choose. Ethics is a factor of dictating one’s conscience. People have a hard time understanding what is the right choice for them to make. Which is why this is such …show more content…

That patient would have to learn all those things again. In that scenario, you wouldn’t be bonding as a woman and child, with the bond of being in a family, but just someone taking care of someone that you used to know. Living with the moment that they were alive and how they used to be is better than having to teach them how to be themselves again, because they won’t be the same person. People certainly wouldn’t want their loved ones to have to feel like they have to be taken care of. On the contradicting side, people don’t support the legalization of euthanasia because it goes against their beliefs - their religion. From a various point of views, many can understand that since, you should try to live out your potential life. But while that should happen, if people were more aware on this subject into depth, it would surely let others set them free of pain. However, you really would have to place the situation you’d be in if you were given news that further treatment couldn’t be done but medications were to be the answer. In which the patient's right can be exercised and safeguarded by the court's

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