Euthanasia Gurwitch Rhetorical Analysis

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Euthanasia? Is it okay to kill someone that has been suffering for years? This has been a controversy for many years. Some individuals have to make a hard decision whether or not to kill their beloved one. They’re tired of seeing them in pain and not being able to do anything for them, many of them turn towards euthanasia. Gurwitch was a victim of this struggle, having to make the horrible decision of killing her friend. She didn’t want to make the choice of putting her down but the sight of her best friend in pain was too much to bear. Gurwitch explains her story, she gives a great depth of emotion, she explains why they turned to euthanasia which she gives good points for her argument; however, she does not do a good job to raise her credibility. First, Gurwitch uses emotion well throughout the passage when she speaks of assisting in her friend's death . She let’s us know that the bill in legislature,“Would have made [a] difference when [she] tried to kill [her] friend Robin [to] kill her five years ago” (Gurwitch). Gurwitch uses good feelings, to allow the reader to feel the affection she had for her friend Robin. The amount of emotion she …show more content…

The death of her friend would have been easier “if medical aid [had been] legal her death would have gone right”(Gurwitch). She explains that if euthanasia had been legal Robin death would have been right and she wouldn't have suffered as much. Gurwitch makes a strong argument and I can appeal to why she had wished it was legal. She claimed that this act would allow to end a line “Which would allow terminally ill people to choose to end their lives” (Gurwitch). Gurwitch claims that if they had an option to cut the line of ill people it would be a better choice than letting them live. Gurwitch argument is very clear in the quote and seeing eye to eye with her is a difficult

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