Euthanasia Should Have The Right To Die Research Paper

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Brittney Maynard was a young woman who was suffering from agonizing pain due to terminal brain cancer. She choose to apply for euthanasia and was able to die with dignity, because of this choice. Moreover, Euthanasia should be legalized because we should have the right to end one’s suffering, one should have the individual freedom to choose to die, and because of the laws in the United States.
First , euthanasia should be legalized so that we can end a person’s suffering. For instance, doctors have a motto to not do any harm, but when they have to deny relief to a person who is suffering from a terminal illness, then they are in fact harming that patient. This is because when a person is terminally ill, they have to endure excruciating pain. Next, Brittney Maynard wrote on FaceBook , “ this terrible brain cancer has taken so much from me , but would have taken so much more.” Brittney Maynard was was suffering from her brain cancer, but was able to be relieved of her pain through euthanasia . No one should have to suffer through something like that. Also, a life is more full if one does not have to suffer. Similarly, if a person has to …show more content…

For example, Brittney Maynard was told that she had only six months to live, so she decided to choose euthanasia, and therefore chose quality of life over quantity. Moreover, life is considered to be of worth based on the quality of it and not by the length. Furthermore, states that allow doctor-assisted require that the patient is mentally stable. If a person is suffering and is mentally aware enough to make a choice, then they should be allowed to make one. One of the American rights is the right to a life of quality . Therefore, we must follow the Constitution and give people what they need to have a life of quality , in this case that can be done by offering a way to relieve people of pain, or by legalizing

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