Example Of A Gladiator Narrative Essay

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I’m sitting in my room with my drapes covering my window, my dog is sound asleep it seems like he is dreaming. I wish I could dream of being king but I can't it has become a reality for me. My father King Simonouse Black died of natural causes as we are told but my family knows it was one of our enemies who killed my father with poison. But with our Emperor who is not of age yet in his law we are not aloud to strike back or his forces will come take our land as his uncle says who is his regent, but we will not listen to the our Emperor regent as long as we have our assassins and spies being trained every day. Emperor Maximus knows our plans since he is my best friend and he has promised to me that he will bless any moves against the Koblen family even though he has controls to the wild lands of the east.
Someone knocks at my door, I tell them to come in. As the door opens I jump right out my bed and run into my mothers arm. I haven't seen her in ages, since my father divorced her but karma gets back at you.
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We get to the church door my mother brings me into a hug, but she is secretly checking me to make sure I don't have any weapons on me because it is offense to have a weapons in the holy church of Neo our god we pray too, but I don’t believe in all that religion crap. As the door begins to open, the man who was standing by the door opener screamed
“All rise prince Samuel of the Kingdom of Sand.”
I began to walk down the pathway in the church to the altar of the priest. As I kneel down there is a cushion for me to kneel, but I take it and throw it to the side of me to symbolize strength to the commoners. Who believe any prince who is being coronated should not have to kneel on the cushion, but deal with the pain. As the priest begins the service to cornate me I zone out on what he is saying until he asks

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