Example Of A Personal Narrative Essay

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Autobiographical Narrative

Often in our lives, things happen to us that change us for either the better or the worse. When things happen and they change us for the better we can make our lives great but if something happens for the worse it can cause us to change in a way that our lives go wrong. Once something goes wrong, there’s always a way to fix what we have witnessed. If you lose a family member and it causes you to fall down in life and you start to drink and do drugs to get rid of the pain. You can always get help and get yourself out of that rut in your life, you will always be able to pick yourself up and put everything back together.
As I go on with everyday of my life I always have the memories of my parents screaming at each other and at each other 's throats about everything. I felt like I was the cause of the problem. When I was two years old my mom and dad weren 't together. My mom ended up
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I´d never want my kids to see what I 've seen. It was my freshman year of high school. Everything was perfect to me, I had the cutest boyfriend at the time and would never expect things to go bad. One day I get home from school and my mom had made the choice that we are moving away from my step dad. I mostly remember standing outside yelling at my step dad saying it was all his fault all of this was happening. One of his sons tried to step in and I pushed him away. I was defending my mom no matter what was going on. For three months we lived in another place. At night I could hear my mom talking to my step dad on the phone. We went to family counseling but I never opened my mouth about how the whole situation made me felt. I shouldve asked to be alone then to talk to the councilor. Everyday I fight the urge to yell at my stepdad and fight with him because of the way he treats everything in my life. Once a person is negative in my life and towards me I never look at them the same. Needless to say he will never be a father figure to me until the
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