Example Of A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Conor Dooling
20 March 2017
Rough Draft Rhetorical Analysis
Psychological Imbalance Eating disorders can be classified as many different characteristics that affect a person’s mind and body. This mental illness distresses people of any age, gender, race and ethnicity of any group in society. A person who suffers from this illness has abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Eating disorders will result in a life time of psychologist help along with medication to maintain the illness from progressing. With poor treatment and lack of attention the illness could potentially deteriorate the mind and body to death. As many symptoms can occur it is not unusual for the symptoms to change over the course of time. And most of the time the symptoms worsen in most peoples cases. Having an eating disorder doesn’t always mean you will be super …show more content…

As humans we aren’t taught how to properly deal with stress. And most of the time people will turn to food or starvation as a form of coping. Over eating is a very common result which then forms a person to be suitable for obesity. It’s a way for one to express their feelings without actually speaking but using action. Growing up children whom parents suffer from this illness will more than likely follow their footsteps. Parents play the major role in a child’s life and impact their future. Forms of different abuse is a common leader for over eating or not eating at all. One feels as if they need to punish themselves for something they had no control over. Life throws many obstacles and changes over the many years. The way you choose to deal with it is upon yourself, and with those changes many use eating disorders to help them get through the hard time or even make those times harder on themselves. Events in life is a huge factor in eating disorders and plays such a big role in why they

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