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Book Journal Four Prompt - What is happening with the plot of your story? Has the author use foreshadowing to so you were able to predict the next events or have you been surprised?

The plot of the story is getting crazier and crazier as the book goes on, or maybe that is just the characters (except Hans) getting crazier. Either way it is becoming plain weird. I mean with the 50 pounds of gun cotton which is the force of 200 pounds of gunpowder in the book. That was stuffed into a hole in a rock and detonated, you can see what will happen. There is also a sea next to the crater which gets pulled into the hole left by the blast. Then the raft that Harry, he professor and Hans are on is sent up through a volcano, on top of boiling water and then lava, through 190 degrees Fahrenheit air, fire, a cloud of ash, volcanic rock, and shot out of a volcano! One more fact, the raft is wood. This is why the end of the book is getting crazy! …show more content…

Other than this there is no foreshadowing in Journey to the Center of the Earth. I have been surprised in the book multiple times, most of that came from the end of the book. I am very surprised that they did not die in the volcano. There is also the fact that Hans is always saving the entire crew, sometimes with the Professor. Sometimes the story just goes crazy and I am confused at what happens. At the end things just get crazy and I can think of nothing else to

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