Examples Of Advancement During The Age Of Enlightenment

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The Age of Enlightenment was a time around 18th century Europe where people began to think differently about the world around them. There were advancements in philosophy and the sciences and wars; many people wanted to improve their living conditions compared to previous centuries. Although the Age of enlightenment was riddled with improvement the general public did not always agree that these improvements were necessary, and there are many reasons for the rejection.

A couple of prime examples of advancement during the Age of Enlightenment was the philosophical works of John Locke,the American Revolution, and the scientific advancements of Galileo . John Locke was a philosopher during the 1600’s, he wrote anti-authoritarian essays on why he believed that all men were created and how each deserves certain rights. Another example of advancement if the American Revolution that was influenced by the principals of John Locke; the American revolution symbolizes how the colonists wanted improve their lives compared to their previous state.Lastly, Galileo was an Italian astronomer who discovered that the Earth rotates around the sun, rather than the sun rotating around the earth. …show more content…

John Locke's writings although mostly well revived by the public there were a couple of people who disagreed one example of this is Berkeley who harbored a much more idealist approach, and Hobbes who held completely opposite ideas to Locke. Even at the time of the Revolutionary War only about 30% of people agreed to going to war, the rest were either undecided or wanted to avoid war entirely. Even Galileo who discovered things that seem so standard now was prosecuted for for his work during the Age of

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