Examples Of American Imperialism

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Imperialism In American Policy
After reading these sections in Voices of Freedom the sense of conquering came to me. Seeming as if the United States was in a state of becoming the strongest and securest country at the time. The United States economy needed foreign markets to other words keep alive and progress as a country. Seemed like the federal government was under pressure to secure its power. Also be a prestige country in the world. From the presidents Mckinley to Roosevelt they had this strong outlook on giving the impression of conquering becoming the most powerful. To take in consideration on how many countries and territories they tried to imperialize on .

Josiah Strong talks about of the saving power of protestant religious values in my opinion. Anglo-Saxons was meant to civilize and christianize the american west. Strong used Anglo-Saxons to spread his superior institutions and values to other races in the American West. In other others making people act like decent people. Also he thought it would be both good for the …show more content…

United States gave their help to the Filipino general Emilio Aguinaldo in his fight against the spanish government. Once Filipino dismissed and got rid of the Spanish colonial government, Aguinaldo made himself the new leader of the Philippines. When the United States refused to acknowledge his authority and instead sent troops to reside in the islands, the Philippine Republic under Aguinaldo's leadership declared war on the United States. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem that motive the United States to blend with Great Britain in its imperial goals, and to take up the "white man's burden" . I do not agree that the burden was a good one. The burden phrase came off more like racism and about the belief of the Western world that industrialisation is the way to civilise the Third

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