Examples Of Corruption Of Power

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Corruption of Power “Being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are,” (Obama Michelle). Definition of corrupt, dishonest or illegal behavior, specifically by powerful people, such as government officials or police officers (Merriam-Webster). Many leaders are corrupt, but that doesn’t mean that power caused their corruption. They were probably like that before. The power just exposed the part of their personality that they may have been trying to hide from the world. Power exposes true character. (Hutson “why power brings”) Example, Haji Mohammad Suharto, he was the second president of Indonesia as well as one of the most corrupt people. Indonesia lost a total of thirty-five billion dollars due to his corrupt practices, though his presidency wasn’t what caused his corruption. His unstable childhood was the cause of his corruption, his presidency just exposed him for the crook he already was. (nytimes) This is just one example out of the many corrupt leaders. Desire can affect how one uses power. (Hutson “why power brings”) If the ruler desires control or strength they might force the people below them to bow down to their ever will. If the ruler desires riches they might steal from the poor or up the price on an item to draw more out of someone who may not have much but needs that item. An example of someone who may do this is a king or a president. Someone with plenty of power to have away with this kind of stuff. In some cases, powerlessness can lead

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