The Importance Of Trans-Cultural Nursing

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Register to read the introduction…Cultural competence can be define as obtaining cultural information about patients and then applying the knowledge in order to improve nursing care and patients health status. In today’s Australian health care professional have to be culturally competent and sensitive to other people culture as they have to deal with patients of diverse social, economical, political and cultural environment with different belief system. According to 2012 census data by Australian bureau of statistics out of total population only 2.5% identified themselves as Torres strait islander people and 26% of them are immigrant and further 20% having one parent born…show more content…
Try to find out what patient knows about the treatment given to patients: Nurses must do probing to the patient or support group (family/friends/relatives), show empathy towards them and respect their feelings.
3. Try to be culturally aware of patients and identify the difference between self and others: Nurses must develop flexible attitude to respect the cultural difference of other people
4. Make every effort to make nurse-patience relationships stronger: Strong communication healthy interaction with patient or support group will help to create a positive atmosphere but help to make the relationship between nurses and patience stronger and win there confidence.
As per Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia (Australia regulatory body for Nurse and Midwife) ethnic code states that “The nursing profession recognizes the universal human rights of people and the moral responsibility to safeguard the inherent dignity and equal worth of everyone. This includes respecting, recognizing and if possible, protecting the wide range of economic, political, cultural, civil and social rights that apply to all human beings”.
According to National competency standard for the registered nurse: Every registered nurse must follow the codes and guidelines of Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia within Ethical and Professional
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Nurses should respect for individual or group legal right about health care.

The main aim of the above mentioned code of conduct is to avoid ethnocentrism in the nurses as if any health care practitioners lack cultural sensitivity and feel that their beliefs, ideas and practice are the best in practice and superior to the others then this will create a hostile environment among others and dilute the Nurse-patient relationship and develop inappropriate attitude towards minorities like. At times it has been notice that some patients are reluctant to take medical help/advice due to this cultural conflict.
a. Superiority/Cultural dominance: Health care Practitioner believes that their own culture and beliefs is far superior compare to minority patients and try to impose their own personal beliefs on others.
b. Incapacity/Cultural blindness: Health care practitioners acknowledge the culture difference but failed to show the cultural sensitivity towards the member of subculture group so they offer standard treatment based on the dominant culture.
c. Universality/Cultural Imposition: Health care practitioners believe in cultural imposition that implies that all individual share similarity and offer same intervention to
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