Examples Of Cultural Competence In Nursing

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Trans-cultural Nursing in Australia Trans-cultural nursing is one of the important aspects of health care system as we are living in ever changing multi-cultural environment. Cultural competence can be define as obtaining cultural information about patients and then applying the knowledge in order to improve nursing care and patients health status. In today’s Australian health care professional have to be culturally competent and sensitive to other people culture as they have to deal with patients of diverse social, economical, political and cultural environment with different belief system. According to 2012 census data by Australian bureau of statistics out of total population only 2.5% identified themselves as Torres strait islander people and 26% of them are immigrant and further 20% having one parent born overseas. There are various barriers to the cultural sensitivity like 1. Racism 2. Prejudice 3. Discrimination 4. Misapplication of scientific knowledge 5. Stereo typing One can overcome these barriers by following a four step process to create culturally sensitive atmosphere. 1. Don’t create assumption about the other people value system and beliefs: Nurses must ask question about their system and belief in a very professional and thoughtful manner. 2. Try to find out what patient knows about the treatment given to patients: Nurses must do probing to the patient or support group (family/friends/relatives), show empathy towards them and respect their feelings. 3.
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