Examples Of Daisy Relationship In The Great Gatsby

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A healthy relationship consists of many things. Communication, trust, quality time, appreciation, respect, and love. Sometimes people mistake love for infatuation or fantasy. The simple idea of being with this person. Swearing up and down that they are perfect. We’ve created an idea in our head of who they are and how things will be. Building an illusion of unrealistic expectations and dreams without seeing the actual real person and their flaws. That is what it seems Gatsby’s love for Daisy was. Gatsby’s love for Daisy wouldn’t not constitute a healthy relationship. Gatsby mistakes love for fantasy and validation due to his poverty in the past. Jay Gatsby met Daisy Fay five years prior to the start of the book, when he was stationed in Louisville before WWI. He learned to act wealthy by a friend and maintained that lie when he met Daisy, who was In the book it tells you how popular Daisy was in the past with all the military officers stationed near her home. He thinks he has to keep up that lie to keep Daisy because of her wealth. Daisy is the epitome of perfection to Gatsby. She was upper class, wealthy, sophisticated, and charming. All things Gatsby longed for in his childhood. Gatsby won daisy’s heart and they made love the night before he left …show more content…

In the beginning, before he leaves for war, it seems as though Gatsby and Daisy’s love was real. But Daisy wasn’t the person she used to be or the person Gatsby dreamed her to be and that was overwhelming on it’s own. Towards the end Gatsby’s love seems to turn more into an obsessive to prove his new worth and value, to show off his success and trophies, including Daisy. When that didn’t work out as planned, and he didn’t receive the amount of validation he needed he decided to end his life, over whelmed just like Daisy. The past is the past and you can’t live in it. What Gatsby imagined was like a fairytale, and it didn’t come

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