Examples Of Daisy's Relationship In The Great Gatsby

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Everyone makes friends differently, everyone looks for different kinds of friends, and everyone feels the need to have friends. The characterization and the interaction of the characters is very dynamic, and is all seen through the main character Nick Carraway. Nick and Gatsby build a very powerful relationship based on companionship and love. The basis for the relationships of the characters in the Great Gatsby are a symbolism for the idea of self-worth and love. The way the relationship between Tom and Daisy is another example of how Fitzgerald will use characterization to show how the foundation of the relationships affect the relationship. The development of the characters and the changes in the their relationship it creates, bringing forth the idea that people may base their friendship on arbitrarily assigned value on the other person. The values used for the foundation for these relationships are tested throughout the novel to show how the different foundations hold up over time. Daisy and Tom’s relationship is centered around materialistic ideas, Jordan …show more content…

The difference between Gatsby and Nick’s relationship is they do not base their relationship on materialistic values, like Tom and Daisy, and they do not base their relationship of how they appear to each other; rather Nick and Gatsby relationship lasts so long because they are able to offer each other so much support and companionship. Nick and Gatsby’s relationship is an example of an ideal relationship that people should seek for. Having someone else to support you in your times of need, and just provide basic companionship helped Gatsby deal with Daisy in the beginning and after she rejected him. Lasting friendships either last because the people are able to give each other more than money, they are able to give each other support and companionship. Even if the companionship is just going to the movies with the other person, it is still

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