Examples Of Ethos In Julius Caesar

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After Caesar was murdered people were happy but, all of them were turned against those who had murdered Caesar; this was all possible by the use of rhetoric. Antony’s hands were tied so, he used the only thing he had left, words. Antony was told that he was not allowed to praise Caesar and, that he was there to only talk and nothing else. Antony managed to get the crowd to notice that what Brutus and his conspirators had done was not justified. Antony was able to perfectly able get the crowd to realize that Caesar was a good man who did everything to help the people.This in turn makes the crowd furious and seek vengeance for Caesar ultimately turning them against Brutus and his conspirators. So Shakespeare has showed people how correct use …show more content…

A great example of this would be when Antony says, “Bear with me, / My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, / And I must pause till it come back to me” (III.iii. 102-104). Antony uses this to get the crowd to feel compassionate for him and, in return this was one of the major factors that pulled the crowd towards Antony’s side while getting them to go against Brutus and his conspirators. It is obvious to be able to see how skilled Antony is because although he is not praising Caesar like Brutus wanted him to Antony still manages to find a way to make sure that the crowd sees what Brutus did was not in the right and that he was acting out of line. Another example of Antony’s clever use of pathos would be when Antony says that, “ When the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept” (III.iii. 88). Antony conveys to the audience that Caesar was a sensitive man who would try to help his people as much as he could. It also shows that since Caesar wanted to help the people it proves to the audience that Caesar was a benevolent man and how his assassination from Brutus and the conspirators was in the wrong. Antony’s use of pathos was effective and, could not be any

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