Examples Of False Accusation In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller conveys his beliefs about false accusation through the words of John Proctor and the dilemma he faces through this situation. This play portrays what Arthur Miller thinks in the time period of the 1950’s.

Throughout the story John Proctor faces false accusations that are not only accusing him but accusing others as well of things that they have not done. This angers John Proctor because he wants the truth to be spoken. So people are not hung, and to prove that Abigail Williams is a liar that is pretending to see the devil in good people.

Arthur miller wrote this play to portray the false accusation that was being held against him by Senator Joseph McCarthy. I think that Arthur Miller wanted to show that some innocent people are brought into trial while they have nothing to do in the situation. They are just being brought into the situation because one the guilty person doesn't want to be found guilty and is blaming someone else in order to be off “the hook” or secondly because they don't like the person and want …show more content…

May Warren practically ruins John Proctor's life by accusing him of being a lecher and of being involved in witchcraft which is not true. After that John Proctor is sent to jail and is in trial to be hung. He has to tell the truth and admit that he was doing witchcraft which is not true, but that is what the judges want to hear in order to let him be free and not be hung. When he is brought out to confess and sign the paper at the end of the story he screams “leave me my name” he does not want to be known for something that he did not do. Miller wrote this play in the 1950’s trying to represents how Americans were turning in their friends in order to not be known as a communist. Which in The Crucible Abigail is turning in good people in order to not be accused and known for

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