Examples Of Exaggeration In The Crucible

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The Play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, is a book that explains the salem witch trials and how it relates to the cold war. During the cold war and the red scare everybody was scared that they were gonna get tried for being a communist. Everybody was scared in the crucible also. Arthur Miller explained the relationship really good. He used many different satirical devices, such as parody, incongruity and exaggeration. Arthur Miller used all those satirical devices very good. In The Crucible, Miller uses exaggeration a lot and very heavily. This quote is a strong one that explains how worried everybody was, “This is a clear attack upon the court!” You can tell he uses exaggeration a lot from just reading the play and seeing how much they exaggerate how bad it actually was. This quote helps explain how they assume everything is associated with the devil and everything is an attack against the court. This quote is a different one,“Abigail were stabbed tonight; a needle were found stuck into her belly.” This really did happen but they still exaggerated it. They were accusing everybody in town and finally they found out it was Proctor that did it. This quote is a bigger part of the story and it really was a turning point for the play. Miller’s quote is another example of exaggeration because it shows how much people were …show more content…

Which happened in 1692 and 1693. The play however was written in 1953. Miller wrote this play during the red scare and the cold war because the two relate. During both times people were getting accused of something they didn’t do, and everybody was scared. During the time period it was written about, everybody thought everybody was involved and had connections with the devil. In this play Arthur Miller uses the satirical device exaggeration and parody a lot and i think this affected it a lot and made it better and easier to interpret and

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