Examples Of Frederick Douglass's Motivation

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What motivates people to fight for change? What is their reasoning behind it? Well, the former slave Fredrick Douglass' reason to fight for change was because of how he was treated when he was a Slave. Abraham Lincoln wanted slavery to end throughout the whole U.S. and Sojourner Truth her motivation was towards the fact that when she was a slavery she lost a child, and faced a lot of suffering. Overall, all of these people have been through so much just to fight for some change and so that people would not still be suffering till this day.
In the text "What to a slave is the 4th of July¨ Fredrick Douglass´ motivation was to abolish slavery, he became a motivational speaker due to the fact that he wanted everyone to be free and what it meant to actually be free. As explained on P3 , “ As an escaped slave now living in the North, Douglass knows that his people living as slaves are not included in the anniversary of American independence from Great Britain. He knows that though the Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, that principle is not a reality in the United States.” Frederick Douglass´ approach with this speech was to show the people who were not freed that the Fourth …show more content…

On paragraph 7 It says “However, Lincoln continues, God may want the war to continue until all the wealth earned from 250 years of slavery is drained. And he may want the war to continue until every drop of blood drawn from an enslaved person is paid for with a drop of soldier’s blood. Even if this is true, Lincoln says, God is still as just and righteous as he’s ever been. Lincoln then concludes with a call to peace.” Lincoln just wanted peace for everyone. Abraham Lincoln is explaining how he thinks God will bring some kind of peace to the North and the South, but they still fought for peace. At Least the North

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