Examples Of Heroism In 1984

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Villains or heroes, protagonist or antagonist; Julia, O’Brien, Winston, and Mr. Charrington could be categorized in either role in this book. It depends on your view, do you believe in the Utopian world that the Inner Party was controlling and developing or are you against the idea of the Thought Police where you’re every word and thought could be controlled and monitored? I will explain who are the heroes and villains from my perspective. Winston Smith is more of a hero then a villain in my opinion. Winston was one of the only ones who tried to overthrow the corrupt party. He was getting tired of the telescreen, people getting vaporized, and the Thought Police. Winston sought the truth and wondered how time was back in the old days, was it better or worse? Winston had always had rebellious thoughts against the Party for listening to people’s …show more content…

She was brave enough to fake a fall and pass a note to Winston which he could have then used to turn her into the Thought Police (p. 88-89). It was also very heroic when she spoke out loud to Winston on her feelings concerning the Party and why she hated Big Brother. She looked at Winston and knew he did not belong to them, which was the Party and more important the Inner Party who ruthlessly controlled everyone’s lives (p. 102). Julia was against the Party and wanted it destroyed. One could also note that Julia was more interested in rebelling against the Party in secret to have her affair with Winston. Both Julia and Winston in their meeting with O’Brien, who they thought was on their side, agreed to do whatever it takes, even if it involves the killing or harming of innocent people. Though both Julia and Winston eventually got caught and were tortured to the point of betraying one another, they could hold on to their earlier discussion that upon capture they would knowingly betray each other to save themselves but the love they had would be

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