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The Heroic Deeds of Beowulf In the epic poem, Beowulf, the hero’s decision to travel across the ocean to defeat the nefarious Grendel can be attributed to his compassion, faith, and humility. Beowulf’s journey, along with his bravery and courage are indicative of the heroic attributes written in The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. Campbell describes a hero as going on a journey that consists of a departure, a fulfillment, and an end. This is an attribute Beowulf exemplifies in his departure to cross the dangerous ocean in order to defeat a monster terrorizing a foreign land. The voyage is perilous, yet Beowulf’s compassion for the Danes overshadows any fears he might have over his personal safety. Additionally, Campbell states that a hero must perform a courageous spiritual act. In his humility, Beowulf tells Hrothgar that any victory he can achieve will come from G-D, and by doing so, robs himself of his own personal glory. Such an act requires immense spiritual strength and courage. Finally, …show more content…

The journey is menacing, yet Beowulf risks his own life in order to protect the Danes. The moment Beowulf hears of the the havoc that Grendel is reaping in Herot, he immediately orders a ship be prepared to leave in order to help the Danes. The Author writes, “And quickly commanded a boat fitting out, proclaiming that he’d go to that famous king, would sail across the sea to see Hrothgar, now that help was needed” (Lines 113-116). The moment Beowulf hears of the Danes dilemma, he instantly orders a boat be prepared for his journey, not sparing a thought for his own safety. Once the Danes need help, he is ready to risk his life to defend them. Beowulf is not concerned with his personal safety, but rather the security of the Danes, who are being terrorized by Grendel. His immense compassion, in addition to his humility and faith, drive him to cross the ocean to protect the

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