Examples Of Imagery In Night By Elie Wiesel

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A Rainy Day

“An icy wind was blowing violently.” This a somber quote to show the very somber tone of both texts. Using sensory imagery, the book, “Night” By Elie Wiesel, and the interview with Mary Hill, help set a strong tone. Both create a very somber tone by using sensory imagery and descriptive words. The book Night by Elie Wiesel is a very somber book. Using sensory imagery, Elie is able to help set the somber tone and help the reader imagine what it really was like during this horrific event. When talking about the event he said, “Beneath our feet there laymen, crushed, trampled underfoot dying.” (Wiesel Pg.89) This is …show more content…

Using sensory imagery, she sets a somber tone throughout the whole interview. Helping the reader really feel and see the somberness of this event. In the interview, Mary Hill says, “This was just the beginning of much weeping and heartache.”(Hill) In this quote, she uses sensory imagery to explain how sad and somber everyone was. She explains how it was only the beginning of people weeping and their hearts breaking. Using these words really helps the reader feel the heartbreak and sadness that many felt during these horrific times. Using sensory imagery in that quote strongly helps set a somber tone. For example, in the quote, she explains how it was only the beginning of people weeping and their heartbreaking. Both of which are very somber and sad traits. In addition, adding that it was only the beginning of these sad occurrences, adds a somber tone as well. In addition to this, she also says in the interview “Death stalked at all hours, but there was no time for the proper burying of ceremonies.” (Hill) Using sensory imagery, she describes how death was such a normal occurrence that they didn't even bury people properly, nor with respect. Sensory imagery is used in that quote to again, set a somber tone. Describing how death is practically normalized is a very somber and sad thing. Using sensory imagery, you can really get a good sense of how

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