Sensory Imagery In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Your sensory senses can be used when watching a TV show or movie since you are able to hear and see what is happening; however, people are also able to experience these same feelings in texts. The use of sensory imagery helps the reader feel the senses that are being expressed in the story and the tone of the author. The tone is important in a story so that the reader can understand how the writer is feeling about the topic.
Sensory imagery is used to create a horrific tone in Elie Wiesel’s Night and the tone of despair in Mary Hill’s entry from Excerpts from the Trail of Tears Diary. Mary Hill creates a tone of despair in Excerpts from the Trail of Tears Diary by using sensory imagery. In the text, the author uses sensory imagery when she …show more content…

One example of this is shown when the author describes, "Beneath our feet there laymen, crushed, tramped underfoot, dying." This shows the sense of hearing and touch. This example of sensory imagery helps to demonstrate the tone of horror since the author is explaining The horror that people had to go through while hearing the sound of bones crushing under their own feet and hearing how people scream in pain. The use of touch to explain the tone of horror works perfectly to show how the feeling of friends and strangers, humans of your own kind, turning into lifeless souls trampled and horrifically killed by your feet. Another use of the tone horrific is seen when Elie explains, "Not a sound of distress, not a plaintive cry, nothing but mass agony and silence." The example shows the sense of hearing. Using the senses of hearing, Elie Wiesel is able to create a tone of horror. When the people described the agony as being so strong to the point people just fell into silence, this shows how horrific everything must have been to make everyone not say a word. In Elie Wiesel’s Night, sensory imagery is used to create a horrific tone, and in Mary Hill’s entry from Excerpts from the Trail of Tears Diary sensory imagery is used to show the tone of

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