Examples Of Infidelity In The Great Gatsby

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Surname 2call. This call happens to be that of his mistress. Tom is in a relationship with Daisy yet he is exercising infidelity. Later on, Daisy also reunites with Gatsby to extend the level of infidelity. The second party is the one thrown by Myrtle in New York City. This party is impromptu and contrasts Tom’s party in East Egg. Nevertheless it still promotes the idea of infidelity when Myrtle uses her sexuality to achieve her American Dream by hooking up with the wealthy Tom. Tom is in a marriage and also Myrtle is married but this does not prevent them from exercising infidelity. In this party, Tom’s behavior is a bit different from the party that he throws at his place. He is very temperamental, as Daisy refers to him, “He is a hulking, …show more content…

Gatsby throws excessively expensive parties at his house in attempts to attract Daisy’s attention. As the author describes the parties, “There was music from my neighbor's house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and he champagne and the stars” (Fitzgerald, 12). This quote shows the intensityand popularity of the parties at Gatsby’s house. These parties are attended by many guests and there is exurbanite entertainment and food for instance the juice that is extracted from 200 oranges every week. The main agenda of these parties is to catch Daisy’s attention either througha word of mouth or hope that she would be attracted by the bright lights across the bay. However, despite the intensity and frequency of these parties, little is known about Gatsby. His guests for example do not understand where he gets his money from and all they do is come up with stories about where he gets his money. Majority of the guests are simply present in these parties to live up the American Dream. Also through these parties, infidelity is exemplified. For example during Nick’s first attendance at Gatsby’s party, he was able to

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