Examples Of Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, an innocent young girl Named Jean Louise Finch [Scout] is growing up in a racist southern town and is exposed to a very heavy conflict that she doesn’t quite grasp yet but must go through anyway, showing that innocence can be blind to the most obvious problems but may unknowingly manage to solve them in positive ways. Scout is a young girl and sometimes doesn’t grasp adult situations correctly “Don’t you remember me Mr. cunningham? I’m Jean Louise Finch. You brought some hickory nuts one time remember...I go to school with Walter, he is your boy ain't he?...Tell him hey for me won't you?”(pg. 205). This is showing that Scout's point of view doesn’t really grasp the seriousness of the potential conflict. A man could have been killed, but her innocence and lack of realization on the topic and her small talk like it was a normal encounter on the streets with these men made them go back to …show more content…

Walter Cunningham is a very poor boy and when Scout tells about “Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop...he is as old as you nearly he made me start off on the wrong foot...he didn’t have any lunch” (pg.30). Scout explains to Jem how Walter didn’t have lunch and that why was why she was beating him. The way Lee writes this shows that Scout is still very naive because the way she argues to Jem over this and shows how she is blind to the fact that Walter is very poor and more than likely hasn’t eaten in awhile. Jem after this realization takes Walter home and feeds him which later in the book comes back around and helps out in the courthouse scene. This is another way scout's character has solved a problem although a minor one for someone who was in

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