Examples Of Likable Characters In The Great Gatsby

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In many books, some characters are both likable and unlikable. To make a character likable, they must be positive minded and try to do things to make other people happy. One who may be unlikable, will be mean and rude to friends and family, also who would try to put down other people. Throughout The Great Gatsby there are many characters. Some characters are hated or loved by each other due to their flaws.

Some of these characters who do have flaws, are still liked by others. To begin with, Jordan Baker is a very cheater oriented character. For everyone who knows about her also knows about her cheating. She is a professional golfer who cheated in order to win her first competition. For Nick, who likes Jordan, in order to back her up to …show more content…

While unsure of where he is from or what he does for a living, every Saturday night he throws a big party in his greatly large backyard and many people show up. Soon after, Nick found out that Gatsby made his money illegally. Gatsby wanted a higher social ranking so bad that he would do anything to do so, and by getting rich and throwing these kinds of parties that helped him a lot. He also wanted Daisy to like him more and he was convinced that if he is rich she will fall in love with him. I think the flaws in this character is that he thought by getting rich, life will be better. It’s possible that when your rich life can get a little better, maybe with a bigger house or nicer clothes but it won’t change the way people see you as a friend, and if they do change then they are not real friends and they are only liking you or using you for your money. Gatsby didn’t see this but all the people who showed up to his parties every night were using him for a party. I think he was not so liked because no one likes that kind of person who is greedy to show all their money and to just try to be so

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