Examples Of Loneliness In Of Mice And Men

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Loneliness is a key aspect that flows throughout the Of Mice and Men plot line. Every character express some sort of loneliness at one time or another in this story. Some character express the fact that they are currently alone and others express that they have been lonely in their past. Others do not clearly state that they have even thought about loneliness, but they do give subtle hints at to it. The two main characters in this story are George and Lennie, they travel together and yet both express their struggles and fears of being alone.
Very early in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George shares with Lennie how he wishes he were alone. He is one of the few character who actually has someone to keep him from loneliness, yet he wishes to be alone. He has tolerated living and traveling with Lennie for so long that he wishes he could experience what it would be like to be alone. In the same way his partner Lennie threatens him that he will just go up into the mountains and find a cave and live without him. Both …show more content…

The one thing that is different with Crooks is that everyone know that he is lonely. Everyone knows that he is forced to live alone because of his race and everyone knows that he can’t do anything about being alone. Crooks lives all by himself because he is a black man on a white man’s farm in the middle the Great Depression. Though it may not be fair, it was just normal for that time period. This does not mean that he doesn 't struggle with loneliness because his situation is normal, he most definitely does. In the story Crooks straight out says that he does not like being lonely, but i think he must have some sort of positive relationships with the other guys on the farm. He does work on a farm with a bunch of white men, and the fact that he spends all of his days with them, it must mean that he draws some peace for his relationships with

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