Examples Of Negative Government Control In The Giver

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Secondly*, governments stress the importance of free will and self expression (such as the first amendment in the Constitution), yet* they are frequently the ones who take it away from citizens, resulting in negative government control. An example of this is shown in The Giver by Lois Lowry. The government, in the book, created “Sameness,” which made everything the same: color, climate, population, gender, houses, and so on. This took away self expression because the people weren’t allowed to make choices for themselves, but they had the choices made for them. For instance*, they could not wake up in the morning and choose between a blue shirt or a red shirt, because Sameness made every color the exact same. This example portrays negative government control because lack of …show more content…

For example,* in The Giver, they took away memories of war and pain from the citizens to initiate, “Sameness.” By taking away these memories, the citizens were relieved of stress and emotional pain. They didn’t have the constant worry about being injured or killed because of potential wartime. As a matter of fact, with no memories of war, citizens had no idea what it was. Since, they didn’t perceive the idea of war, the nation would not result to war in times of argument. Even though*, some people are convinced of positive government control, it is actually a negative concept. Though taking away those memories has positive sides, there are many negative points that contradict it. Leaving citizens ignorant will put them in danger. If war were to happen, the people would not be prepared for it-- physically or mentally. This could lead to civilians dying from invading soldiers, and accidentally walking into crossfire because they wouldn’t know what is going on. These deaths would be on the hands of government because they kept the people

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