Government Influence On People's Rights

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Should the government have more influence on the lives of individuals in today’s world? Should it have less? Take a position and explain your stance.
English Persuasive Essay
No, The government should not have more control over the people’s lives. The government does not have the right to take the confederate flag from the people and They should not have more gun control. I think the people should be able to show whatever opinion they want to show. The government is allowing the gay flag fly with no problem but not the confederate flag. Do you think that the gay people have more rights than the rest of people? Do you think that these people don't deserve the right to fly their flag while the gays have the right to fly theirs? I know there has been cases that some stupid and ignorant people used the flag as a symbol of racism and hate …show more content…

A government with more control will be disastrous because the people would have their rights stripped away from the citizens of the the United States. The government cannot infringe on the rights given in the constitution. The 1st amendment is “The freedom of speech, The freedom of religion, and The freedom of expression”. The people are given the right to fly whatever flag they want to fly whether it the gay flag, confederate flag, or any flag. The 2nd amendment is “The right to bear arms”. The people are granted the right to own a firearm and the government cannot take the right. The government cannot take the right provided to the people of United States from the constitution. If the federal government keeps trying to get more power over things it will step over powers of national government stated in the constitution. The constitution stated the powers given to the state and national government. Neither the national nor state government should step over its limits. They should stay within the power limitations provided by the

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