Should Government Have More Influence Over The People's Lives?

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Should the government have more influence on the lives of individuals in today’s world? Should it have less? Take a position and explain your stance. English Persuasive Essay No, The government should not have more control over the people’s lives. The government does not have the right to take the confederate flag from the people and They should not have more gun control. I think the people should be able to show whatever opinion they want to show. The government is allowing the gay flag fly with no problem but not the confederate flag. Do you think that the gay people have more rights than the rest of people? Do you think that these people don't deserve the right to fly their flag while the gays have the right to fly theirs? I know there…show more content…
Do you believe that if a criminal wanted to kill someone would say, “Oh no it's illegal to have a gun! Too bad! Can't kill them”? If the government took away guns completely and didn't sell any more it would not help anything. If a criminal wanted to kill someone they would be able to get a gun because there will always be a black market and there will always be people trying to make and sell things that the government has made illegal so they can make money off of it. We have the rights to bear arms, We have rights to protect ourselves. There is always going to be bad people out there it is just the fact of can we protect ourselves or not. So if the government really does have more control it will just be harming the civilians because a criminal will get a gun if he wants to. If the government has more control over guns yes it would stop a little bit amount of robberies and things of that nature but it will also keep the civilians from self protection. The people who just go and kill in mass knows the civilians won't have any guns so they are like fish in a barrel if they have nothing to protect themselves

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