Examples Of Odysseus Being An Epic Hero

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Analysts debate whether or not Odysseus can be deemed an epic hero within the Odyssey. Arguably, it is presented in the epic poem that he obtains the skills and powers to persevere through trials issued by the Gods. Odysseus endures an escapade filled with challenging tasks and antagonists, and applies his natural heroic attributes to persist on his mission to get back home. With these abilities, he is able to take on all tasks thrown at him while returning to Ithaca after 20 extensive years at sea. Thus, Odysseus possess all the attributes of an epic hero. Initially, an epic hero is depicted as one with great courageousness and strength. Ideally, Odysseus utilizes his courageous nature and great strength to persevere through the Sirens, …show more content…

Although there were some setbacks, Odysseus manifests his ability to persevere through vast setting due to great mental and physical strength. The hero is able to withstand 20 years away from home while at sea and deals with obstacles along the way, having to sacrifice himself and his men. Consequently, his intelligence and power makes it possible to navigate through treacherous conditions and adversaries while at sea and survive. Likewise, he is characterized with a “combination of wisdom and power that enables him to return home after 20 years at sea” (Ford 1). With this depiction of an enlightened and robust hero, Odysseus prospers through his endeavors undoubtedly and …show more content…

Not only does he utilize his mental capabilities, but harnesses his physical strength when in battle. Unlike Odysseus, other warriors are described as either “men of action” or “skilled in counsel” (Ford 1). However, it is the combination of the two that makes Odysseus superior to the rest. Him and his men are also described as merciless, compared to falcons who will show no remorse to “the flocks of birds they pursue and capture” (Homer 960). Evidently, it is the great warrior in Odysseus that assists him in excelling as an epic hero. Throughout his journey, Odysseus gains recognition for these attributes and his remarkable abilities. Correspondingly, the Gods and the people of Ithaca praise Odysseus as he exhibits national heroism. All know that Odysseus is capable of miraculous acts and is able to endure many obstacles and tasks thrown at him. Likewise, Odysseus recognizes these attributes himself, which is his greatest flaw. When expressing his own heroism, Odysseus states that people “hold me formidable for guile in peace and war” (Homer 896). By everyone acknowledging his greatness, it helps Odysseus excel as an epic

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