Examples Of Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

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Having to persevere through tough times can sometimes cause pain. In the story The Call of the Wild, Buck the dog faces numerous painful challenges that he has to overcome. In contrast, my mother ruptured a disc in her back. She had to persevere through the pain while raising five kids with a working husband. Like my mom, Buck had to figure problems out on his own and stay strong as a working sled dog. All in all, Buck and my mother had to persevere through physical pain and getting through conflicts one step at a time. Perseverance can cause pain when you are trying to get through challenging times. Buck quickly learned about the Law of the Club and the Fang and tried to avoid it at all costs. When Buck was not following directions he would get beaten by a club or torn apart by the other dogs on the team. Buck’s friend Curly was very happy …show more content…

Over the past years, my mom has always had bad biomechanics and subsequent pregnancies. During this time, my creator realized that she can tolerate more pain physically. She was hurting her back more and more everyday. She was mentally strong and pushed through the pain. This has made her even stronger. On the other hand, my parent wouldn’t listen to doctors and wanted to handle the situation in her own way. Therefore, my mom found out far too late that her back was nearly beyond repair, and she would need to have surgery. She is wise now to pay more attention to early signs of medical needs and do something about it before it gets worse. She went through numerous horrifically agonizing nights that stretched her very body to the limits, causing pain from head to toe. Unlike Buck, my mom had to have surgery to repair what she did to her back. She knew that it would all be over once she got out of that operating room. The moment of relief was so incredible after she knew it was all behind

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