Examples Of Perseverance In The Odyssey

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The hero's journey is a popular form of writing that involves a hero who embarks on an adventure, quest, or journey where in the climax they win a victory, then comes home transformed or changed. The book, “The Odyssey” is a prodigious example of the hero's journey. Odysseus is the hero of “The Odyssey”. All heroes in a hero's journey display particular traits. Odysseus displays perseverance and fortitude, two specific characteristics that all heroes should display.
Perseverance is a quality all heroes should have because even if they encounter disappointment or defeat on their way, they are determined to fight through it and withhold fighting until they reach success. They personally prohibit giving up easily rather they are prepared to endure the consequences they may face in their journey. Odysseus did not relinquish even after he was told to proceed in exercising judgement and undergoing between two paths that both had unquestionable high death factors; he persevered and fought through, and kept fighting to return back to Ithaca even after having multitudinous odds against his favor.(150-151)
Fortitude is a trait that all heroic figures should have because it allows them to encounter danger or pain with bravery. They encounter a task that is dangerous with …show more content…

Every hero in a hero's journey showcases multiple exceptionally fine traits and abilities that make it possible for them to be victorious. “The Odyssey” is a wonderful example of the classic hero's journey. Odysseus is the heroic character in the epic poem and displays fortitude and perseverance to the highest of remarks. These two traits make Odysseus a heroic figure for the ages. The Odyssey dates back to around 800 BC yet Odysseus’s heroic traits and characteristics are still used in today’s literature. The hero’s journey is an age-old style of writing and still is just as heroic as the

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